End Credits: Obsessive “Saw 3D” Fans Less Plentiful Than Obsessive “Paranormal Activity 2” Fans

  • We must not be the only people to be sad that “Saw” is coming to an end: Midnight screenings of “Saw 3D” brought in $1.7 million. By comparison, however, “Paranormal Activity 2” (a.k.a. the new “Saw”) garnered $6.3 million at their midnight screenings last week. [The Hollywood Reporter]

  • We realize most of you can’t afford to buy your very own authentic Darth Vader costume, but don’t worry, “Star Wars” fans: You can enjoy these vintage travel posters on the web for free. [Rocket Tours]

  • If “Star Wars”-inspired art isn’t hip enough for you, may we suggest the fine work of one Casey Weldon, who imagines Bill Murray as characters from Wes Anderson movies that he didn’t play. Spoiler Alert: Murray as Gwyneth Paltrow’s Margot from “The Royal Tenenbaums” is exceptionally unsettling. [Paste]

  • Universal is calling dibs on just about every major release date for the next two years. “Piranha 3DD,” fear not, your date is still wide open. [Deadline]

  • We don’t hate “The Sound of Music,” unlike some people, but if this 50-second clip of the reunited cast reminiscing on “Oprah” about their first day of filming is your thing, well, we may have to find things other than movies to talk about. [Oprah]

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    Review: “Black Swan”

    We tend to forget this now, but when Natalie Portman’s career began, she played the vixen. She wasn’t yet a teenager when she appeared in her breakout film, “The Professional,” as a surprisingly tough and sexy young girl who was easily tempted into the world of violence and crime. Two years later she was in “Beautiful Girls,” again playing an unusually confident and flirtatious young woman. She’s portrayed sexually assertive characters since, but her reputation as a serious, demure, Harvard-educated actress is so pronounced that we tend not to think of her as “sexy” or “dangerous.” (After all, the entire joke of her “Natalie Portman Rap” Digital Short was that, hey, it’s Natalie Portman swearing.) Sixteen years after “The Professional,” her new character in “Black Swan” is probably her most sheltered and timid – and it doesn’t quite suit her.
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    Trailer Hitch: “Ice”

    Can the Brits do an end-of-the-world thriller better than we can? Well, probably not, but they’re gonna try anyway with “Ice.” It’s an environmental thriller — and boy, if that phrase doesn’t get you excited to see a movie, we don’t know what will — about how we, so desperate for oil in the year 2020, dig someplace we’re not supposed to. Then: GOODBYE WORLD.
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    James Cameron Encourages You To Get Out The Cyborg Vote

    When you consider that the production of his films — bloated budget overruns, days and days without any appreciable progress — isn’t terrible different than the way the California economy runs, it’s little surprise that James Cameron is getting involved in California politics. In the above ad, he speaks out against Proposition 23, which would repeal California’s Global Warming Act of 2006, at least as long as there’s 5.5 percent unemployment or higher in the state. To explain it in the worst way possible, the YES proponents say Jobs First!, and the NO proponents say Stop The Dirty Energy Prop! Cameron’s in the latter camp.
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    Casting About: You Better Figure Out How to Pronounce Noomi Rapace’s Name Pretty Soon

  • Audiences know Swedish actress Noomi Rapace from “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” and its sequels, but she may be signing up for another franchise shortly. Just a few weeks after being cast in “Sherlock Holmes 2,” she’s reportedly the favorite for director Ridley Scott’s “Alien” prequel. The Swedish: When will they stop stealing jobs away from hard-working American actresses? [Deadline]

  • Anybody wondering who the next Emma Stone might be — i.e. the cute, edgy girl who can do comedy — might want to put money down on Aubrey Plaza, who has had bit parts in “Funny People” and “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.” She’s now attached to “The Hand Job,” about a high school girl who decides she needs to get good and laid before leaving for college. Guaranteed Blurb When This Movie Comes Out: “It’s this generation’s ‘American Pie!'” And won’t you feel old then? [/film]

  • Simon West used to direct Bruckheimer films (“Con Air”) but eventually fell so out of favor that he was reduced to helming disposable slasher remakes (2006’s “When a Stranger Calls”). The next project he’s considering is “Medallion,” about a father in search of his kidnapped daughter in New York City. If this project doesn’t sound generic enough, let’s throw in the fact that McG is producing. [24 Frames]

  • Just the other day we were pondering if young people know what Ouija boards are. There must be enough who do because Universal is developing a film based on … well, you can’t even call it a board game, right? There are some low-profile directors interested in the project, which reminds us that we really need to do a polish on our “Magic 8 Ball” spec script. [Deadline]

  • Writer-director Paul Haggis might do an American remake of the Spanish thriller “Celda 211,” which finds a newbie prison guard having to put down a riot on his first day. We don’t really care, but our dad sometimes reads the site and he liked “Crash.” (We know, we know…) [Hollywood.com]

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    Why Are We Sad That ‘Saw’ Is Coming to an End?

    Six years to the day after the franchise debuted, “Saw 3D: The Final Chapter” will be released, signaling the end of the most popular horror series since “A Nightmare on Elm Street.” Most people’s response is probably relief (“Those torture-porn films are just sick!”), cynicism (“Didn’t they say the last couple sequels were going to be the last one, too?”), or outright apathy (“Who cares about ‘Saw’ now that we’ve got ‘Paranormal Activity’?”). Forgive us, but we’re actually feeling a little sentimental about the franchise’s end – and we say this as people who aren’t big horror fans. Actually, maybe that’s the reason why.
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    End Credits: Lisa Blount, R.I.P.

  • Producer and actress Lisa Blount has died at the age of 53. Most will recognize her from playing Debra Winger’s best friend in “An Officer and a Gentleman,” but she won an Oscar for her 2001 short film, “The Accountant,” which was written and directed by her husband Ray McKinnon. A rare blood disorder may have contributed to her death. [USA Today]

  • We waste so much time talking about projects Tom Cruise might do, let’s remember that he’s actually filming a new “Mission: Impossible.” And now let’s remember it has a new, goofy title. [Deadline]

  • Why has nobody asked Mike Tyson what he thinks of this whole “Hangover 2″/Mel Gibson kerfuffle? Oh good, somebody did. [Page Six]

  • Inspired by the fact that there’s going to be an unnecessary “Spy Kids” sequel, Summit has announced “Step Up 4Ever.” This will be the last film in the franchise because the producers can’t think of any clever puns they can do with the number 5. [ComingSoon]

  • If Warner Bros. wants to do a great (and cheap) awards campaign for “Inception,” they should just send all Academy voters this button. [INCEPTION]

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